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All things are merely dreams
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In a society where bookstores disappear every day while the number of books available to read has swelled exponentially, libraries will play an ever more crucial role. Even more than in the past, we will depend on libraries of the future to help discover and curate great books. Libraries are already transforming themselves around the country to create more symbiotic relationships with their communities, with book clubs and as work and meeting spaces for local citizens.

For publishers, the library will be the showroom of the future. Ensuring that libraries have continuing access to published titles gives them a chance to meet this role, but an important obstacle remains: how eBooks are obtained by libraries.

Fantastic read on why publishers and libraries are fighting the wrong war over ebooks.

Also see this unquiet history of the library and Ray Bradbury on how access to libraries let him educate himself

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Disney Songs in their “Home” Language (click to listen)

“Singing, song of all songs, that says again and again I’m yours.”
“Even if your heart is lost, you have to believe anyway, the dream of a life is love.”
“I know what happens, you hold me in your arms.”
“Hoping for the sweet moment where your questions are answered.”
“I want to live another life !”
“Leave your heart to me, and it will see an amazing world.”
“He’s sweet, the god of my heart.”
“Everyone take up arms together, let the Huns despair!”
“Flower, bright and beautiful, do not leave me alone.”

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this is perfect.

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An interesting birthday for me.

Took a final, studied for hours, and missed Tumblr breaking because of 12/12/12?.

BUT, my cake did have fireworks instead of candles. Because candles are for sissies that don’t like the smell of gunpowder and icing. Explosives on baked goods.

So we could have died horribly? Yes.

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Are there people that don’t feel like this? If so, please let me know about your secret insight into LIFE.

Two things.

Thing 1) All mornings are like this. True facts.
Thing 2) I really miss Chowder.

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One of my favorite hobbies: Replying to phishing emails from scam artists.

Your Neighbors by Dann Matthews

Gorgeous fanart is gorgeous.




“Advice to Aspiring Artists”.

This is very short. But if you only ever watch or reblog one YouTube video with me in it, make it this one. I mean it. This is important.

Transcribed for your quoting convenience:

“Saying that we have enough artists is like saying we have enough scientists, we have enough designers, we have enough politicians — we have enough politicians — but, you know, nobody gets to be you except you. Nobody has your point of view except you. Nobody gets to bring to the world the things that you get to bring to the world — uniquely get to bring to the world — except you. So, saying that there are enough writers out there, enough directors out there, enough people with points of view. Well yeah, there are, but none of them are you. And none of those people is going to make the art that you are going to make. None of them is going to change people and change the world in the way that you could change it. So if you believe somebody that says, “no, no, we’ve got enough of those,” then all it means is that you are giving up your chance to change the world in the way that only you can change it.”

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Neil’s Puppet Dreams with Nathan Fillion. (x)

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